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Finance for Non‐Financial Managers

Distance learning or in-house three-day course

Many highly qualified university graduates are appointed to senior positions within companies, where they are required to understand and run the finances of the business. Even more graduates find it difficult to grow in the corporate world and choose to use their skills for their own benefit, starting their own businesses. The problem is that they lack the skills needed to control a business’ finances!

This Skills Based Training Course has been designed to equip persons who do not have the academic qualifications in Financial Management, to understand and control the finances of a business. The idea isn’t to create little “Financial Wizards”. On the contrary, many qualified financial managers have found benefit from this practical course.

The assumption is made that the learner has no prior knowledge of financial management whatsoever. In certain of the modules, the learner is supplied with programmes which have been designed in Excel and are extremely user-friendly.

Course Content

Cash Management

Daily cash Book
Deposits and Reconciliations of Bank Statements
Cash Budgets
Value Added Tax

Excel Programmes provided for:

Daily cash Recording
Reconciliation of Bank Statements

Understanding Financial Accounts

Financial Statements – what the accountants tell you
Profit & Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Analysis of information – what the accountants do not tell you

Business Planning

Cost, Profit and Break-even
Cash Flow Forecasts

Excel Programme provided for:

Cash Flow Forecasting

Who should attend

This course has been developed to benefit all levels of management, or any other person responsible for, or involved with the organisation’s strategic planning.

Distance learning

The course content is directed towards outcomes-based education. For this reason, delegates are consistently evaluated by the assignments submitted during the course to ensure that they have assimilated the subject to a satisfactory degree and will be able to perform the tasks taught

The full cost for the course is R7 500,00 per person.

In-house Presentation

Ideally, the course should be presented away from the normal working environment of the employees, thus eliminating interruptions and distraction from their daily workload. To facilitate interaction, the total number of delegates attending the course should not exceed 30.

Each delegate will be handed a full and comprehensive set of reference notes. The notes, handouts and programmes are copyrighted to PBS College.

In-House Fees

Individual quotations will be given as the fee depends on the number of delegates attending the course. Costs and expenses are for the company for whom the course is being presented. These costs include the following:
The venue
Tea and coffee
Refreshments and lunches if required;
Flip chart and pens;
Travelling and accommodation of the presenter of the course if outside Gauteng.

Time and duration

This course is an outcomes-based course. Learners studying via distance learning submit assignments on which they are assessed. It is necessary to obtain at least 50% on every assignment to qualify for the Finance for non-financial management certificate.

In-house the learners are assessed during the two days of the course and qualify on outcomes-based assessments for their certificate.

Course facilitators

Christine Jordaan was born and raised in the Republic of South African. Christine initially obtained a B.A degree.

She studied and obtained the master’s Degrees in business leadership and Diploma in Credit Management and several other financial disciplines. She is a Fellows of the South African and African Institutes of Credit Management and the Principal of PBS College.

She has presented various public and in-house training courses throughout South Africa, Namibia and neighbouring countries, to several large corporations and Government Institutions. They are currently actively presenting courses (both face-to-face and correspondence) in the certificate in Credit Management of the Institute of Credit Management since 1981.

She has been contracted to present correspondence courses in Credit Management disciplines to UNISA and also lectured at UNISA summer schools. She has also act as guest lecturers at several colleges and universities in Credit Management and has facilitated and organised various seminars for large corporations.

She was appointed members of the National Credit Education Forum since 1997 and is a past director on the board of the Association of Debt Recovery Agents. She is presently the chairperson of the Institute of Credit Management (Africa).

She authored and researched the following books:
Applied Credit Management
Supervision of Credit Management
The Credit Law of South Africa and
How the new credit law affects you.

She has lectured extensively since 1984

Kevin Midgley was born and raised in the Republic of South African.

He studied and obtained the Master of Business Administration (MBA). His career has always been in education and training. He has been a senior lecturer at various institutions.

He has presented various public and in-house training courses throughout South Africa to several large corporations. He is currently actively presenting courses, both face-to-face and and distance learning.

He is a subject matter expert and has been contracted to present and design the following courses:
Business Management
Business Administration
Business Communication
Business Strategy
Credit Management
Human Resources Management
Public Management
Public Policy Management
Public Relations
Sales and negotiation
Debt Counselling and

He has authored “The Credit Controller’s Handbook” – self-published – September 1999. Second Edition – June 2002. Third Edition – March 2008.

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